Monday, February 22, 2010


I’ve got too much to talk about to squeeze it all into one post so some things will have to wait until tomorrow. First off, new reviews: Ms. Lewis’s review of Sycamore Rouge’s “Jar the Floor” in the Times-Dispatch and John Porter’s review of Barksdale’s “First Baptist of Ivy Gap.”

Second, the latest budget from your state legislature includes provisions for drastically cutting state support of the arts, eliminating the VA Commission for the Arts by the end of FY12. If you are care about the arts in Virginia, you might want to contact your legislator and get after him/her with some of these talking points about state funding.

In news that is related only in my mind, I recently ran into Trish Poupore who used to be my neighbor at our last house on northside. I didn’t realize that she was the Executive Director of Virginians for the Arts – a great advocacy group that I now have even greater respect for knowing that she’s running the joint.

Finally, I was recently turned on to Ken Davenport’s blog. Mr. Davenport is a producer in New York, currently at work at a revival of “Godspell” (YAY!), and an interesting writer. If you want some insight into the inner-workings of New York professional theater, check it out.

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