Monday, November 02, 2009


The word on the street (and across the airwaves) is that there isn't a whole lot of excitement about the election today. That's a shame because for Virginians, there is just as much at stake today as there was a year ago, maybe more.

So, as a lame attempt to get people in the mood for voting, here's a choice I'm posing to you, both of my loyal readers: What recent Broadway "stunt casting" announcement is your favorite? Would it be Abigail Breslin in "Miracle Worker?" Or Scarlett Johansson in "A View from the Bridge?" Alternative write-in candidates are certainly welcome. Polls are open until 7pm...


Frank Creasy said...

I was done voting by 6:15 this morning - walked right in and was done under 10 minutes without rushing, a far cry from the lines at last year's elections.

All due respect to Ms. Breslin, but I'd prefer watching Scarlett Johannson in just about anything. Besides just being beautiful, she's got a mystery about her that is irresistible. Besides, "Miracle Worker" is overdone.

Andrew Hamm said...

Yeah, we just had a disastrous "Miracle Worker" a decade ago, didn't we? Gotta go with Scarlett.