Friday, November 20, 2009

The African Company presents Richard III

One of those worthy events in town that I've ended up overlooking in the midst of everything else is the University of Richmond's production of "The African Company presents Richard III." It sounds like the kind of challenging work that Richmond should embrace; only 2 more shows left!

Also, there will be a free playwriting workshop offered by Carlyle Brown, author of the play, at U of R tomorrow. According to the official communique about the workshop:

"The writer of the Department of Theatre and Dance's most recent production comes to the University of Richmond's campus this weekend to do a talkback at the final performance. Earlier in the afternoon he will do a writer's workshop with both experienced and non-experienced individuals interested in playwriting.

Don't miss this valuable opportunity to experience a playwriting session with one of America's leading playwrights.There are eight places available for this workshop. Please sign up fast through Debbie Mullin ( by simply writing to express your interest in attending."

There's no mention of the workshop being restricted to students. Could be a cool opportunity.

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Jeffrey Cole said...

I'm so jealous! My high school drama classes are reading this now and are really enjoying it! It's one thing to hear them gripe about reading Shakespeare, but quite another to be reading a play about black actors a hundred years ago speaking the Bard. They love it. I wish the run was a little longer so I could take my students!