Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kid’s Stuff

My review of Firehouse’s “This Is How It Goes” showed up in Style yesterday. I’m not sure whether to expound upon the review or just leave it be. I’ll be mulling over that today.

It’s funny how the universe (read: fate, God, etc.) works sometimes. I’ve had the occasion to think lately about the pros and cons of the life of a child actor. And I’ve recently found/heard a few interesting pieces that explore the topic. First, there was this bit on NPR, an inteview with the teenage star of just-closed Broadway production, Brighton Beach Memoirs. (It’s also worth taking a look at NPR’s theater “hub” for a whole host of interesting theater-related stories.)

Then, this past weekend, there was a story in the New York Times about the record number of child actors active in Broadway shows right now. It gives a good snapshot of what that life is like. I’d recommend it to any of the theater parents hanging around the Empire Theatre with me these days or folks who have big dreams about the future based on their child's "Sound of Music" audition last weekend.

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