Wednesday, August 19, 2009


There’s a sense, at least in my little corner of the world, of a lull in the action. Summer camps and swim teams are largely done, kids are hustling up to finish their summer reading before school starts, several coworkers are on vacation.

However, it’s not exactly a lull time as far as local theater goes. Theatre IV is readying its bazillion tours to go out into the field once schools open; other local companies are in -- or soon will be in – audition for their first Fall show. And so I think – and I’m totally projecting here so I may be totally off -- there may be more of a feeling of anxious anticipation among many of the theater folk in town rather than the enjoyment of a brief respite.

There are three things that do have me feeling some of that eager anticipatory feeling: 1) the opening of CenterStage in a few weeks (have you seen the sparkly stars that trail your mouse on their website – it’s pretty way cool!), 2) the arrival of my new boss at Style, Don Harrison, who while running his popular website,, has had many pointed and insightful things to say about CenterStage, and 3) an eminent awards-related announcement. So while I can never fully empathize with my pals deeply engrossed in the business, I can sorta get a glimpse of what it may be like in some corners of the theater world right now. Here’s hoping all of our endeavors turn out well!


Anonymous said...

When/where is #3 happening?

Restless in Richmond

elise said...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your post titles. This isn't to put pressure on you for future genius, but today's just made me smile.

Dave T said...

Dear RIR,
Weirdly enough, #3 is currently tied up in the Mayor's office of all places. Details to follow...

Thanks! It's great to know that someone notices and it's not just for my own amusement (which is somewhat embarrassingly considerable...)

John in Richmond said...

Do you mean "imminent?" And, how much so, if we may ask? Rumor had it the nominations would be released this past Monday August 17.

Dave T said...

D'oh! Yes, I meant "imminent," thank you, John. As for 'how much so,' I'd say within 24 hours. And I'd also say that, if you have any sway with anyone in the Mayor's office, I wouldn't argue if you wanted to use it to encourage the Mayor to be an award presenter.

And the rumors were true: that was the plan. But we wanted to secure as many "names" before the official announcement as possible.