Thursday, April 30, 2009

Translations and Time

I forgot to post this link to this review of "Translations" that was in yesterday's T-D. It's a review that still leaves me wondering whether "Translations" should be kicked up to the top of my "must see" list of currently showing productions or not.

Speaking of which, we've got two weekends here where no new shows are opening. I strongly recommend everyone take this chance to go out and see one of the great shows that have opened over the past few weeks. In addition to "Well," "Trailer Park," "Midsummer," "Annie," and "Translations," the Mill's "Altar Boyz" is still chugging along. Wouldn't your mom love some "Boyz" for Mother's Day? I know my kids' mom would!


amyberlin said...

I know it's not at a theatre you normally cover, but there is a show opening this weekend -- Henrico Theatre Company's Funny Money by Ray Cooney at the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen. Running thru May 17. Directed by Richard Koch. With Jonathan Hardison, David Janosik, Bob Murphy, Mike Randell, Todd Schall-Vess, Granville Scott, and Tara Linn Sheekley. Oh and me. : ) Call 501-5859 for reservations.

Sara Marsden said...

I saw Translations last weekend and I recommend you go see it if you can. I was dreading the drive down there all the way from the west end, but I was really glad I went. The set is fabulous and there are some really nice performances. I had never been there before and I look forward to going back, a great all around experience.

Of course everyone should go see this after going to see Well and Annie.

Anonymous said...

Ummm...was that a review or a book report?

Not sure how much you've talked about this is discussing what goes into reviews and how you do what you do etc., BUT...geez...I would think if the audience wanted a synopsis they could read the blurb from the theatre or you that lovely thing that most of us now have called "the internet".

And the few things that are "reviewed" here, seem to really be the play and not the production. AGAIN, we have the internet, we don't need another extensive review of the script. I learned nothing about the quality of this production (other than the set) from this review.

Sing to the tune of "The Book Report" from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown:
A book report on Brian Friel, Brian Friel, Brian Fr-

[Jimmy (overlapping)]
A book report on Brian Friel, Brian Fr-

[Marie (overlapping)]
A book report on Brian Friel, Fr-

[Julinda (overlapping)]
A book report on Brian Fr-


Brian Friel is this Irish guy
Who writes these Irish dramas with these
ensemble constructions using language
[She counts the words so far]
Hmm. 283 to go.

This name of the play about which
this play synopsis is about is
Translations which is about this
I found it very-
I liked the part where-
It was a-

It reminded me of Shakespeare
And the part where Claudio thought he loved her
but then he decided she’s a whore.
And then he slapped her and she fainted now she’s dead
but not really she will soon be back.
[etc, etc]

Anonymous said...

i agree with anonymous...that being said, please come see TRANSLATIONS! i'm talking to you dave or anyone who reads this blog. it is a gem of a show, and we are all so proud of it---and personally i would really like to know what you think of it. the set, and lighting is worth the trip in and of itself!

'nuff said. toodles guys, hope to see you there--Rebecca Anne Muhleman