Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Building on Strengths

I’m happy that, just as I went into one of my periodic dark periods here on the blog (sorry – outa town for a long weekend), Bruce over at the Barksdale blog hopped back online after a long dark period. Always fun to hear Mr. Miller’s take on things.

Ms. Lewis had a review of “Steel Magnolias” in print yesterday. I didn’t realize Toney Cobb was directing this production. Toney’s a fine actor and, in my experience, a really nice guy. I hope the show does well for him.

I also heard that there is a review of “Normal” from Ms. Lewis out there that may or may not eventually end up in print. I hope so – the more reviewers who chime in, the better, as far as I’m concerned!

There’s quite an amusing video of the folks in “Annie” dancing to hip-hop over on the Steingold sisters’ blog. Check it out for a laugh. I was thinking “Annie” opening this weekend but they’re still not drawing the curtain until April 24. Hasn’t this show been in rehearsal like forever?


Annie's Blogs said...

Mr. T, my man, thanks for the shout-out. When are you coming to see the show?

I should have gotten footage of you and Holly at the auction dancing. It definitely would have made it into the music video.

Next time....

Dave T said...

It's looking like the first Saturday matinee is going to be the show. Because we all know the matinee after opening night is the worst show ever and I'm a critic and I'm cruel (insert evil laughter here!)

Oops - sorry, lost control there. Mention of the auction set me off -- bad karma there. Holly danced while singing backing vocals but I just watched. Then left.