Friday, April 03, 2009

Kids and Boyz

This morning, after being awakened by my daughter’s alarm -- which was buzzing away noisily at 6am on a day she didn’t even have school -- I was thinking about how children can be both the absolute joy and desolate bane of one’s existence. I expect that’s going to be an aspect of the experience of watching “Normal” at Stage 1. I’ve been looking forward to this show since I heard the cast list – a whole host of powerhouse performers who I’ve enjoyed many times in the past. It also features someone in a pivotal role who I know as a delightful person but who I’ve only really seen perform a few times, Ali Thibodeau. The lovely Ms. T will also be featured in “Thoroughly Modern Millie” in a few months, another great incentive to make reservations now to see that show.

And speaking of TMM, I spoke to director Patti D’Beck yesterday (look for the story in Style next week) and caught a brief snippet of her “Chicago” rehearsal at Theatre VCU (opening next week). Oh my – I think that’s a show that’s going to rock.

So while lying awake at 6am, I tried to think of pleasant things that might assist me in drifting back off to sleep. I spent some time comparing and contrasting the other students in the Art History class I’m taking who, except for me and one other grad student, are all lovely undergraduate women (boys will be boys). Then I had a moment of regret because I thought it’d be fun to do a compare and contrast (re: hotness or any other factors) of RTP’s “Altar Boyz” and the Swift Creek Mill production, which opens tonight. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the show that RTP put up and, given my man-crush on Eliot Lau, probably could not do an even-handed job. However, if anyone else who has seen both shows would like to take on that task, I’d be very interested in your perspective.

Even at this late hour, I’m trying to imagine whether there is any chance that I might get out to see “Mona’s Arrangements” before it closes this weekend. The only possibility may be if a deluge washes out soccer games on Sunday. Of course, with my luck, the final matinee will probably be sold out. Good for Barksdale, for me, not so much.

Have a fine weekend!

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Anonymous said...

CAT's MINDGAME! MINDGAME! MINDGAME!...There's a matinee today at 2:30 and the final performance tonight at 8:00!!!