Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Seven days four plays

Last week was amazing for me. I saw five plays in four days and I get to write them all off because I am now a Big Freakin' Theater Critic!!! Yippy!!!
I have so much to be thankful for this year and I adore the chance to be thankful for it officially day after tomorrow. I am thankful for all the normal things most of us have in this Land of Plenty called the US Of A like a home with decent furniture, the freedom to vote, travel, and express my opiniions, Target, etc. But personally, this year I am grateful to my new career as a writer.
I am so happy (though still financially strapped) and thankful to Brandon Reynolds and Jason Roop who gave me a chance at STYLE and have been wonderfully supportive of everything I do. Dave T. for inviting me to do this blog which has all been fun and educational, and for the opportunity to meet some of the wonderful people who make the theater scene operate around here. Dave is right in acknowledging in his blog all of the good folks who dedicate their time to stage-managing, wrangling kids, etc. Theater is a collaborative effort and each person must do their part to make it work - no matter how small that part may seem - like running props- it is still critical to the success of a show. So, thanks everyone for the great job you do to provide the best shows you can to the Richmond community.

Now for the theater report: I saw four plays in seven days and it was great. It all began last Sunday in DC at Woolly Mammoth with "Current Nobody" a modern adaptation of "The Odessey" in which the woman leaves on the adventure and leaves the man to raise the baby and fend off "suitors". It was a great production and a fun twist on a classic story. I totally recommend it if you can make it up to see it.

Second play: "The 8:Reindeer Monologues" : you already know I enjoyed the darkness of it and nearly all of the performances. Review to follow in STYLE sometime soon. It sounds like many of you will go see it and you should.

Third Play: I endured CYT's "Oliver" on Saturday afternoon because they were kind enough to send tickets and my daughter wanted to see it. I say "endured" because I do not care for the show - the set, costumes, props, and most of the kids were wonderful- I just think "Oliver" is one of those musicals that unless you are in it it is like being at a party where everyone is having a great time and you are merely observing rather than participating. It's old school score feels outdated to me or maybe just tired. And of course I want to kill Nancy myself for being such a co-dependant idiot. But there were several lovely performances and my daughter enjoyed it so there you go.

Fourth Play: Saturday night found me at my favorite theater in town, The Firehouse, for "Spinning Into Butter". It was every bit what I had hoped for and a whole lot funnier. All of the actors performed their parts very well. I especially enjoyed Bob Albertia's performance- he was just dead on with his bow tie and mannerisms. But really everyone was wonderful. My only complaint about the show was the costumes. Usually I whine about the sets at Firehouse but Ed Slipeck's set design was beautiful and finally something worthy of the high level of acting related to that venue. But back to the costumes...Dear Lisa, Vermont is cold. It gets cold at the end of August and stays cold until the middle of May. Why was the lead character in sandals and flimsey skirts with tiny thin little seaters through the entire show? My toes were freezing just thinking about how cold her feet should feel. No one was dressed for Vermont in the entire show- not that it ruined it or anything it just didn't fit and made the play imperfect.

Looking forward to "Moonlight and Magnolia" Friday night after some fabulous turkey on Thursday and of course the original black and white version of "Miracle on 34th Street".

Being Thankful,
Mary B.


Frank Creasy said...

Well, a fair point about Vermont weather Mary. But Katie looked so gorgeous in her outfits...why put a bunch of layers on her???

Thespis' Little Helper said...


Love your take on Oliver! Very funny. Really really funny!

OK...so I didn't really have anything to contribute, but really enjoyed the Oliver section! :)

I'll be wearing my "Good and Loud" T-shirt to the opening of Moonlight on Friday, anyone else? ;)

Frank Creasy said...

See you Friday BC! Looking forward to it.