Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My things to be thankful for

My lovely family, both close-by and far-flung, both related by blood and related by spirit.

The new friends I’ve made thanks to this blog, most of whom are remarkably literate and respectful.

That I live in a town with a thriving theater scene populated by some seriously talented folks. This critic gig would seriously suck otherwise.

That I made it to New York before the strike. And that I’m not dependent on Broadway or Hollywood for my livelihood. Bless you, strikers, and good luck.

That I’ve only gained 5 pounds over the past 3 months and not 10. Moderation resumes Nov. 23rd.

That people who read this blog don’t complain incessantly that I’m always three weeks behind on updating the links on the side of this page. I’ll get to it, honest.

That the people associated with “A Christmas Story” are consummate professionals who seem to still have a soft spot for my poor exhausted son after almost three weeks of rehearsal. You all are making his first professional theater experience an amazing one. I hope you are not spoiling him for the future…

That this old body of mine – though creaking ever more persistently – still gets me around to everywhere I need to go and generally responds to whatever it is asked to do. And that my hair is falling out at just an alarming rate, not a completely shocking one.

That I live in a country where I can disagree with people (including my aforementioned lovely family and friends) about politics, religion, theater, sports, and ethnic food and do not have to fear being placed in a gulag as a result.

And most of all, for my still-stunning-after-all-these-years wife with whom I’ve built a life that -- while not always perfect -- is still much better than I deserve.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Frank Creasy said...

A very happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you, Dave.

I hope the next time you see me wandering about...whether at the Camel, while I'm seeing a show or after having performed in one, or at Starbucks/Barnes & Noble (my usual haunts)...that you'll come up and say "hey amigo, I'm that blog/critic/stage parent dude". I'd like that.

And I would echo your list of things to be thankful for. A good list. I worked out today and the last three days...pig out tomorrow...back on the wagon Friday, capped off by a special treat for Mrs. BetterHalf and myself - front row South at Willow Lawn that evening! Scott, David, Joy, Joe - break a leg!

Robinitaface said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Dave!