Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Corrections, News and Notes

I got a very nice note from Larry Gard who tells me I've been listing his program incorrectly. It's the Carpenter Science Theatre Company not "that theater company in the Science Museum" or whatever I used to call it…

Ms. Jones tells me (or told me a month or so ago) that Talent Link has moved up to Richmond from Norfolk. You thesps looking to get represented, check 'em out.

I've been a little down these days -- had been planning a Fall trip to Broadway and it’s not looking like it’s going to work out. It’s harder to leave four kids behind then you would think, particularly since my strategy (“leave ‘em 50 bucks and the phone number for Papa John’s…”) was summarily shot down by my beloved. I can take some solace in the fact that the latest big musicals have been receiving either downright nasty reviews (“Grease” in the NYTimes and EW) or at best mixed (“Xanadu,” liked by the NYTimes, by EW not so much). Of course, “Grease” can take some solace that even in the first post-back-to-school week it’s still drawing some pretty good box office. “Xanadu” – not so much.

So what would I even want to see on Broadway? Well, I still haven’t seen Spring Awakening or Drowsy Chaperone and there’s that Kevin Kline/Jennifer Garner “Cyrano” thing starting next month. But I always like to see an edgier, buzz-worthy off-Broadway joint to balance out the big splashy stuff. But besides “Iphigenia 2.0” which closes in a couple of weeks, “Scarcity” closing mid-October, or the new production of “The Misanthrope” (new production but old play) what’s out there? Anybody heard anything about “33 to Nothing?” Oh, and can anyone babysit for 4 charming (mostly) children for a weekend sometime in October or November?

If you want to daydream about Broadway like me, you can check out this photo gallery in Entertainment Weekly showing big screen stars and their recent appearances on stage.


Le Synge Bleu said...

33 to nothing is supposed to be pretty good - its one of TONY's picks too. Seems worth checking out. We'd sit for teh kids, but seeing as they've never met us, I'm not sure home comfortable they'd be with that!

Anonymous said...

i thought "33 To Nothing" was a great night out. great rock tunes, funny, ultimately moving...i'd checkitout for sure.