Monday, September 24, 2007

Bon Chance and other stuff

Robin Harris-Jones (see, the hyphen DOES get included sometimes…) recounts her side of the story of us running into each other last week. What a sucky day! Sorry, Robin, that you were having such a rough time of it but rest assured that, even in yoga clothes and sans make-up, you looked lovely.

My side of the story is not quite as eventful but I do have to say that Robin did not catch me at my finest, being as I was a little crazed because my daughter made me PROMISE absolutely to mail her letter THAT DAY without fail and the only chance I had to do that was on my lunch break where I also fit in a small little jaunt from downtown to University of Richmond to attend my History of Modern East Asia graduate school class. And who was it SO important to get this letter in the mail to? Zac Efron, of course… Oy.

But back to Robin: I actually see theater people around town quite frequently – Frank Creasy at “The Camel” a couple of months ago, Cynde Liffick jogging down Monument Ave., Jennifer Frank at Ukrop’s, Stephanie Dray at that great bread place on Cary Street last year, etc… But while I know who these people are, they usually don’t really know me. They may know my name but even people I’ve interviewed, I have often just talked to them on the phone. Most of the time, I don’t say anything to any of these folks. It’s not like it’s a paparazzi situation or anything, but generally I feel I should just leave people to their own devices unless there is a compelling reason not to. I’m also kind of shy so what I just said is really just a big rationalization…

Anyway, the main reasons I approached Ms. Harris-Jones were that a) she did look like she might be in some distress and, well, what guy with half-a-brain and any sense of chivalry just walks past a lovely young woman in distress? And b) while I have seen Robin on stage many times, I have never met her and I know from her blog that she is leaving Richmond very soon. So it was perhaps my last opportunity – albeit a relatively awkward and brief one – to wish her well on her journey to the Big Apple.

Anyone who has seen – or worked with – Robin at Theatre IV or Barksdale or most recently at the Firehouse knows that she is a greatly talented actress and singer. Please join me in wishing her the best of luck in her adventure northward. And Robin, just one suggestion before you go: you might carry an extra set of keys with you once you get up there, just in case!

The T-D has had all sorts of reviews lately, with Zanna, Don’t; The Member of the Wedding; and The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail all opening last week. Busy busy busy! I won’t get a chance to check out MOW until this weekend. But I would suggest you pick up this week’s Style. There should be a special little piece honoring a member of the Richmond theater community. Intrigued?


Frank Creasy said...

Well dagnab it are correct, I wouldn't have placed your face but I would have much appreciated your self-introduction, and I'm sure the same would go for anyone who would have been in my company on that visit - but please, DON'T tell my wife about her! (Kidding, I KID here!)

Actually, it was YOUR suggestion in a previous posting that theatre-folk like us visit The Camel which prompted at least one visit (I've been there a few times since your recommendation, and it is quite enjoyable). It may have also been convenient for a rehearsal of "New Voices" at Firehouse many of us were doing in July. I also mentioned The Camel to Mr. Wichmann, who would undoubtedly enjoy the numerous veggie delights on their menu.

So by all means Dave, as far as I'm concerned do spread the joy in person as well as in print, because it would be gladly received. Just do me one favor: Wait until I take a big bite, then pretend you're one of the waitstaff and come up and ask, "How is everything?" Better still: Do that to Andrew Hamm!!! He'd LOVE it!

Good luck with your class, sounds most intrigueing. It's nice to attend a class having gained the maturity to know that LEARNING is more important than simply passing an exam, isn't it? Having said that, I do hope you ace the course!

Robinitaface said...

Dave, Thanks for the advice. It's always the ONE time you forget to do something that you really need to have done it!

I can't say that I blame your daughter for wanting to get that letter out to Zac though. After all, he is so DREAMY.

Thanks again for all your lovely words. They mean more than you can imagine. I will keep them in mind as I try to crack the nut that is New York.

Oh, and Frank (and Andrew) a waitress who developed the talent mentioned in your comment...just remember, if they check on you when you're NOT eating, it's either too early or too late. ;-)

Andrew Hamm said...

I really don't have anything to say, but feel a burning need to leave a comment confirming that I read the above.

Dave T said...

I think I first introduced myself to Andrew when he was hurriedly in the midst of getting ready to perform music for a show. His mouth wasn't full or anything but I think it had the potential to be similarly unnerving. Perhaps I should have offered him something to eat, THEN introduced myself...

Anonymous said...

Dave, yes I'm shy and scared of people and can have a cranky facade, but I would have loved for you to have said hey at Ukrops! Sure I know you mostly through words, but I'll always remember Holly going into labor shortly after a Take 5 show. You're a class act. Love the blog.