Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sir Links-a-Lot

I’ve been a little crushed for time (again) these days, so haven’t had a chance to put together a well-considered final chapter in my RVA Mag response. But until I do, here’s some interesting bits of other media I’ve seen lately, some pertinent, some less so.

There’s today’s story about Fantasia on Broadway, which kind of follows on nicely after my popular culture rap below. There was this piece that somehow I missed a week or so ago about Benny Ambush and his current landing place. I miss Benny – he had a challenging go of it here but he remained upbeat in every interaction I had with him.

Both the T-D and Style give the Will Power to Youth program its due today. Though Style spelled Cynde’s name right…

And in case you were wondering, it certainly does seem like Mary Burruss is the new main voice in terms of the theater scene for Style. So it goes. She’s a good writer and I’ll be back to writing papers for grad school in another week. As the summer's swan song, I’ll have a piece on local theater coming out in the Richmond Guide sometime soon. And of course I’ll keep on blogging; I just can’t let go of the scene altogether.

A while back, I pondered what big name stars would draw me to try me hardest to get to Broadway to see them. Well, Kevin Kline and Jennifer Garner in Cyrano would do it.

Finally, can I just say that I’m already giddy with anticipation about “Doubt” playing at the Barksdale in February? I can’t wait to see who they cast and, assuming the cast doesn’t totally suck, I look forward to seeing the show at least twice.


Anonymous said...

I hope you keep putting your own reviews on your blog or we will all get terrible withdrawl!

Anonymous said...

Wait a sec are no longer reviewing at ALL for Style? I thought you were just cutting back! Have I misunderstood you? I hope so!

On another note, Mary produces shows for the Firehouse, right? or has in the past? Isn't that a conflict of interests? How does Style feel about this? Will they allow her to review the shows at the Firehouse if she still produces shows there?

Just wondering.

Thespis' Little Helper said...

It is my understanding that Mary is not producing at the Firehouse this season. She didn't review the show that she produced for that reason.

Greatly enjoy her work, but will really really really miss your reviews. Keep it in there.

I want to see more Dave's stuff too!

Andrew Hamm said...


You always have a seat at Richmond Shakespeare as long as I'm there. Reviews, schmeviews, just come to enjoy the show.