Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Disappearing acts

I’m still digging the Barksdale Blog – and have to admire its regularity. I certainly think about posting every day or two, though obviously I don’t get around to it that often.

But I’ve also been intrigued by what I HAVEN’T been seeing on the B-Blog, which is some posts that have magically disappeared after being available for moments or hours. The most infamous of these was “Robin Arthur’s Ass,” which an alert reader sent to me the after it apparently was posted (I never saw it online) then quickly removed. It’s hilarious but perhaps too racy for the site.

Then just this week, there was a very nice entry on “Urinetown” at the Mill. The entry itself wasn’t controversial in any way that I could see, but the comments it generated were interesting and seemed to be headed to a contentious place. Shortly after I first checked out the posting, I checked back and it was gone. Hmmm….

And in an unrelated (to what I was just talking about or theater at all, really) note, the latest Style had me scratching my head a little. One of the movie reviews trumpets “Stardust” as the summer’s sleeper hit. This is at the same time as many summer wrap-ups are calling the movie one of the big losers of the summer. Based on its anemic box office compared to its price tag, one article I read called it “Starbust.” So is Style falling out of touch with reality? Or is it just an unfortunate choice of subhead? When is some more theater going to open up in town so there's more stuff to talk about?

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Frank Creasy said...

Heh, heh...nice commentary about the disappearing B-blog entries, Dave (which have even prompted postings discussing that subject on the Barksdale Blog itself). Several weeks back, after Bruce had commented favorably about a production he'd seen at another theatre, someone asked why he hadn't commented on Swift Creek shows, as if they had been slighted (no more, it seems!) This prompted some back-and-forth postings ("how rude", someone quite rightly responded), and the whole posting quickly disappeared...later to reappear without the dueling comments, along with an explanation of why that was done.

Well, love it or loathe it or somewhere in between, you have to admit the Barksdale team keeps that freakin' blog COOKIN' non-stop!

But plenty of shows are opening soon Dave. Hopefully there will be lots to talk about on the theatre front soon. For now, there's college football season kicking off, so life IS getting better! Well, maybe not for my wife, who said today that between college and pro football there's a game on every day but Tuesday and Wednesday - to which I replied, "Well, you can't have everything." She failed to see the humor in that. I'll never understand women.