Friday, August 31, 2007

Going the Distance

The title of this entry is my little tribute to Cake, one of my favorite bands. For you screaming liberals in the crowd (um, like me…), the band is also very lefty political, so that’s something. There’s a great quote on their website today from Senator Larry Craig. Oh my, how hypocrisy hurts.

Anyway, speaking of distance, there’s a cool little article in the Times-Dispatch about an exceptional cross-country runner named Susannah Piersol and, if you are reading this blog, you probably recognize that last name. Susannah is the daughter of Carol who is also mentioned in the article.

I read somewhere recently (maybe in a Barksdale press release) that Irene Zeigler has already been pre-cast in Doubt. What an excellent choice! I haven’t seen her onstage in a long time. For some reason, I thought of Katie McCall for that show. But she hasn’t been on stage in years as far as I know. Anyone know what she’s up to? And I wonder who they’ll cast as Father Flynn. Who do YOU think would be good? There are so many good actors in town who would be great for the role and of course it always comes down to who actually auditions (assuming they’re be open auditions). It’s probably bad form to speculate but still I wonder…Is Larry Cook too old? Is Brett Ambler too young? Would Justin Dray do it? How about Chris Evans – one of my local faves – where has he been anyway?

OK, enough with the bad form. I’m excited to be going to see “Urinetown” tonight. Mary at Style will be reviewing it – I’m just going for fun, a very rare occurrence for me these days. I’ll be sure and post my thoughts, though, if it turns out that I even have any when I’m not in “critic mode.”

Have a great holiday weekend!


Angelika HausFrauSki said...

Chris Evans graduated from VCU with a BFA in theatre performance in 2006. He moved up to NYC shortly thereafter. He will be appearing in "Deathtrap" at Hanover Tavern as an Equity guest artist and will be returning to New York when that run is over.

Dave T said...

Thanks, Angelika! Were you a classmate of Chris's? I used to run into him every once in a while at odd places usually with kids in tow. I hope he's doing well. I'm glad he'll be back in town; he's done some amazing work in Richmond...

Frank Creasy said...

Dave - although Katie McCall hasn't done anything recently to my knowledge (it's possible she's not done anything onstage in about two years, though "years" may be a slight exaggeration), I understand she's in the cast of "Spinning Into Butter" for the Firehouse this fall. I'm looking forward to seeing her in that show, which also includes Melissa Johnston Price among others. I've bumped into Katie at a few auditions the past year or so as well, so like many talented local actors she's been looking for a project but an offer (or the right offer) hasn't come along until now.

Of course, Katie has been working, it's just that you HEAR her a lot more than you SEE her. Being such a fantastic voice talent, you have to listen closely to catch her voice, because she delivers what the customer and the producer want in radio and television voiceover spots - so she doesn't sound the same every time. I've also seen her in a commercial or two on occasion, so I know this talented lady hasn't been entirely out of commission.

Katie, if you've read this - I hope to catch you after a performance of "Spinning Into Butter" later this fall! Congrats!

Angelika HausFrauSki said...

I was...we both graduated in 2006. He's a very talented and charismatic guy and a good friend. Glad to read a shout-out for him. :)