Friday, July 27, 2007

New Yorker dreams

Every once in a while, I hear about something or read about somebody and think, “Man, if I was a REAL writer (and didn’t already have a full-time job, and four kids, and grad school, and a part-time job, and…and…and), I would so totally write a big fat feature about this and try to sell it to the New Yorker.”

That’s what I think when I read Eliza Skinner’s exploits on her blog. Eliza is the little sister of Emily who recently got splashy reviews with “Witches of Eastwick” in DC. From what I can tell, Eliza could give a seminar on the struggle for survival as a New York City performer. She seems to have about a dozen venues for her talent. For instance:

-> She has a well-reviewed one-woman show called “Shameless” that opens in LA in August.
-> She plays drums and sings for a band called Stickerbook that recently played a concert in Central Park.
-> She’s half of a two-woman improv comedy/musical group called I Eat Pandas.
-> She is a regular cast member in the improvisational musical “Baby Wants Candy.”
-> She is the sole chick in yet another sketch comedy/improv group called Hammerkatz.
-> …and to top it all off, the recent short film she wrote and produced for the New York edition of the 48-Hour Film project won several awards in the competition.

And even with all of that, I believe she still holds down an office job to pay the bills.

I think that it’d be a great and fun challenge to capture the whirlwind of a life she must lead as well as highlight her prestigious talents. I’ve thought about pitching the story to Style but somehow think they might suspect it for an excuse to get a weekend in NYC on the company nickel. And I don’t know if Eliza would want some old theater geezer tromping around after her with a tape recorder and a notepad. Still, maybe someday…

You can keep track of Eliza’s many gigs and delight at her often wicked sense of humor at her website.

And one last link for fun: did you know that Aaron Sorkin of “The West Wing” and “A Few Good Men” fame has a new play in development? Casting and a schedule for it have just been announced. Worth a NYC trip? Maybe?


Le Synge Bleu said...

oooohhh! you should definietly write an article about eliza (i say as her number one fan who loved going to see everything she did)...inaddition to all those regular gigs, there were a million and one other things, suich as hosting an improv rap night at mo pitkins called the beat down, and well a million and one things i can't think of right now. and yet she still always has time to be an amazing friend, that's what's spectacular about eliza. everyone in ny has a million things going on, but not everyone returns your calls or texts you back right away. and not everyone is as INCREDIBLY talented as eliza -who by the way is in LA at this very moment for a run of her 1 woman show Eliza Skinner is Shameless, in case any readers are out in LA right now, its running at the UCB theatre there!

Dave T said...

Dear Ms. Bleu,
Just an FYI -- I have pitched a story to Style about Eliza and initial word is good on its prospects. Also, I was thinking I might have a "There and Back" type of sidebar to the story where some folks who have been, ya know, there and back would comment on their experiences.

Would you be up for such a thing, Ms. B? Lemme know!