Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Many thoughts but mostly links

I’ve had many theater-related thoughts lately but haven’t really had time to post them. Until I get some time, I do have some links. First, to the Style reviews of “Odd Couple” and to “Henry IV, Part 1.” I am particularly proud of the headline for the Hal review. Headline writing is an art onto itself (so much so that the VA Press Association gives awards in headline writing) and capturing a whole article in just a few well-chosen words can be a challenge. ‘Hal-apalooza’ is probably the best one-word headline I’ve ever come up with. (OK, just sprained my arm patting myself on my back…)

Then a link to a quick story that announces the Cherry Jones will be playing a woman president in the TV show, ’24.’ I have been a ‘24’ fan since the first season and used to write online commentary about the show at one of the many fansites. But, as you can see in this post, I thought this last season stunk up the joint. I was all prepared to drop ‘24’ from my TV lineup but Ms. Jones, most famous recently for her great work in “Doubt,” coming to the show may just make me tune in again.

Finally, I read recently that Danny Hoch has a new show opening soon (here's a piece about it on This should peak the anticipation of anyone who saw Scott Wichmann set the stage ablaze with Hoch’s “Jails, Hospitals, and Hip-Hop.” A film version of that show is apparently out on DVD that, unfortunately, does not feature Scott…

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Frank Creasy said...

Hey Dave - now that I've seen both "Odd Couple" and "Henry IV Part I", I have to say that the consensus I'd read from both your reviews and others was on the mark. Both were outstanding productions, and I agree "Hal-apalooza" is a righteous headline! Now, if I were to write critiques I might have found different things to praise (or criticize) in both shows, though both have few minor flaws.

I kind of wished "Henry" could run a tad shorter (I went Thursday, and a three hour show after a full day in the office is stretching my endurance), but I have to say that it NEVER dragged. It kept me interested, entertained and engaged throughout. As for "OC", well, what can you say? I knew Scott and David would kick it up a notch to make this fresh, but the whole production just SANG. A kickass show to round out the Tavern's summer!

Taking full advantage of my time between shows, I rounded out my theatre visitations Friday by seeing "Into the Woods" at Willow Lawn, and it was an absolute delight as well. TOP notch cast, strong top to bottom. Particular faves for me and BetterHalf: Audra Honaker as Red, Russell Rowland as Prince Charming and Ford Flannagan in dual roles (took Carol quite some time to realize Ford was playing the old man!) Anyway, it sure was nice to have the time to see many of my friends (and other talents in these casts with whom I'm not acquainted) putting on such terrific performances under adept direction at each turn. Richmond's summer theatre season looks pretty good this year!