Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Armed and Erroneous

Finally got a chance last night to catch up on the other blogs out there, and found that I’ve been taken to task – very gently and respectfully, mind you – for mistakenly insinuating that the giant arm seen late in the second act of “Into the Woods” was NOT manufactured specifically for the production. I should have known better. I’ve never known Theatre IV to skimp on props, starting back in the day of the first “Quilters” (yes, I’m bringing that up AGAIN) which featured timbers borrowed from an authentic country fence, re-assembled into an striking series of on-stage risers…not to mention that huge and beautiful hand-stitched quilt.

So mea culpa, Mr. Miller et al. Maybe I’ll try some innovative investigative techniques – like posing a simple question to a TIV staffer – before making such accusations in the future…


catherine said...

i added some photos of the actual arm to the Barksdale blog today- if you're interested in seeing it up close and personal!

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, Mr. T. It gave me a chance to talk about our prop that I otherwise would not have had. And I got to plug the creative folks at GWAR. So keep that inspiration comin'.

The most interesting part of all this was listening to the guesses people had about which Theatre IV show the arm came from--or didn't come from, as it turns out. The show name that kept popping up in the guessing bee was Honk! Ducks and other assorted poultry in Honk! were played by human actors, and so I guess people thought the scale would be right for a giant arm. Maybe when we revive Honk! I can pull out the Into the Woods arm and get more stage time for my dollar. Hmmm.

Thanks for all your good work.