Friday, July 13, 2007


I had a giddy good time at the first preview of “Henry IV” at Agecroft last night. There’s enough swell stuff in this production for two reviews so, after I finish writing up my Style one, I’ll post my leftover thoughts here. But, if you want my quick first impression, here’s the lead sentence I’m mulling over right now:

“From the moment it begins, Richmond Shakespeare’s production of “Henry IV, Part 1” positively crackles with energy, wit, and hearty bravado.”

Does that mean I liked it? Oh my yes!


Andrew Hamm said...

One of the best things about providing music for both shows in the Festival this summer is that I get to engage in one of my favorite theatrical pursuits: watching the audience. And you, Dave, were so obviously enjoying the hell out of the show last night that it made me laugh out loud along with you. It was a very responsive little preview crowd on a gorgeous night.

(The other great thing about doing music all summer is that I am hungry to act again. Counting down the days until we start Richard II, my favorite Shakespeare play...)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave. I just want to point out that you came to see a show I was in and I didn't fall down. The curse...she is broken!!!

Dave T said...

I have to say I was worried about you, Jacquie, particularly with those killer boots you wear in the show! If you noticed, I sat close to the stage so that if you fell, at least you might knock me over too so we could share the pain. Of course, your Captain Blunt outfit almost knocked me over just the same...Yowza!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am thinking that if I don't get a date from this show...well, I just need to toss in the towel!

Actually, we have decided after last night to cut the heeled boots for my last fight scene. This is wonderful news because I have always felt that I was one step away from a sure death!

And come on...bad enough that I am 5' 2" Jack is like 7 feet tall...but then Douglas thinks I am the king with those boots on...boy is he blind or WHAT???

So glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, when does Style come out? This week or next?