Friday, September 28, 2012

In the Weeds

Yeah, that’s where I’m buried right now. Have seen a lot of great theater lately, read a lot of great reviews, and have been talking to folks about some great things that will be happening at the RTCC awards in just 2 (gulp) weeks! One item just came up out of the blue just the other day that I am particularly excited about – because it’s a great idea and I didn’t have to do anything at all to make it happen! Just rest assured: something hot off the presses will be available at the RTCC awards that you will NOT want to miss out on.

Because I don’t have any time to write much right now, I’m posting links to a bunch of reviews below plus a preview of “Night Blooms” at Virginia Rep that sounds very intriguing. My review of “A Bright New Boise” will be out next week.

I should also have a review of “King John” in Style but since it won’t be out for a week and a half, let me give this little teaser: prepare for some length and some historical bits that are relatively confusing (what Shakespeare history is not?). But you should go see this play because of many things: Todd A. Schall-Vess has built out the St. Catherine’s stage into something with impressive depth and height, the sound design is haunting and beautiful, several people give highly-charged scenery-chewing performances, Ryan Bechard stalks the stage and the house in a truly sexy-creepy way that keeps things interesting, and David Janosik delivers a remarkable and thoroughly entertaining portrayal of “the Bastard” that I will return to in my memory for many months, I expect.

So go see it. And if you want to read other peoples’ opinions of this and other shows, here’s where else you can go:

   Style preview of “Night Blooms
   My review of “Hound of the Baskervilles
   TD review of “Regrets Only
   TD review of “King John
   TD review of “A Bright New Boise
   TD review of “The Marvelous Wonderettes
   GayRVA review of “The Marvelous Wonderettes
   GayRVA review of “Hound of the Baskervilles

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