Friday, October 05, 2012

RTCC Quick Hits

I’m having trouble believing it’s less than 10 days before the 5th Annual RTCC awards. There is SO much theater going on in town right now and my ability to see much of it is being throttled by RTCC-related time crunches. I have seen 3 shows over 3 weeks so feeling good about that but that’s half the shows I’d like to see. So it goes.

Some tidbits to know about the awards:

 There is a pre-awards reception being held at Popkin Tavern, across the street from the November. It starts at 5pm. Come over early and help us get the party started!

 Buy your tickets if you haven’t. I think the orchestra is just about full. We’re losing the front row because of the “Night Blooms” set so there are fewer seats available down there than usual.

 There is going to be a special something unveiled at the awards – a “product” many folks will be interested in. There has been a bunch of people associated with creating it so word may have leaked out, but still: you’ll want to bring a little extra dough to snap one of these up.

 The awards event is getting some regional coverage. The editors at are expanding their coverage to Richmond and are sending some folks down to catch the show. Y’all behave!

 I finally did some updating to the RTCC website. Nothing there that you don’t know if you read this space but still, it’s a nice reference to have if you need it!

I’m sure there’s more I should say about the awards but gotta get back to work! See you all next Sunday!

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