Wednesday, June 08, 2011

As If

I have a Twitter account but still hardly ever use it. Due to time constraints, however, I’m thinking of this post as if it were a series of tweets. So here’s several 140 character or less slices of theater:

Nice piece in Style this week about the Tony Awards viewing party. Good times, good deed, doesn’t get any better right?

Review of “Charlie Brown” in the T-D and reviews of both the Peanuts-inspired rep shows in GayRVA. Both pluses and minuses highlighted (highlit?).

I saw the same shows as Mssrs. Miller and Lewis. My take: Liked “DSG” a lot, details to come. “Charlie Brown:” good, not great but Shofner’s awesome!

Last chances to see [title of show] this weekend. Don't miss out!

The cool and crazy Saines in Petersburg have started blogging! Keep up with them here.

A “Rocky” musical. Really? I’d be more skeptical if the creative team wasn’t so impressive. But then again, so was “Spiderman’s.”

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allisonpaige31 said...

BLAST! I thought by "Rocky musical" you were referring to a revival of Rocky Horror! Now I see why you are skeptical!