Friday, March 04, 2011


My little finger’s still in a cast and typing is still a pain in the butt. So this will have to be short and sweet. My review of “Legacy of Light” was in Style this week. I’ve got a link up to the T-D review of “Judas” over to the right there but there is also a wonderfully written review by Ms. Jewett that was posted yesterday. My review of the production should show up online soon.

The same week I mention EW’s stage coverage they do a big spread in the magazine on “Broadway’s Craziest Season!” but, in a classic ‘dis to stage fans, the article is nowhere to be found on their website. Anyway, the article includes this interesting assertion: “Spiderman has arguably done s much as – if not more than – the TV show “Glee” to raise theater’s profile as a popular art form in the past few months.” Would you agree? Is this in line with the ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ ethos we hear so much about?

No openings this week but plenty of closings (“BFG,” “Once on this Island,” JCC’s “Kindertransport,” etc.). Just because a couple of shows are getting summer revivals – congrats to “Nunsense” and “Dog Sees God” – doesn’t mean anyone should get complacent about getting out there to see shows while they can!


Carol said...

Dave, thanks for your Legacy review. I always enjoy your reviews in Style. I truly hope you are feeling much better. Your a trooper! I was curious what you thought about some of the shows that closed last weekend. I know you mentioned in an earlier post that you were planning on attending Godspell, which is a family favorite of mine. We got a chance to see it and I was quite surprised at the quality of the show for such a new company. The entire cast and music was wonderful. The young lady who sang the slow song in act two about following.. where are you going was wonderful and lead Jesus guy was simply superb and one of the best performances I've seen in Richmond in a long time. My daughter was so moved she listened to the soundtrack for the next 3 days. I'd be interested in how your experience was and with the other shows you got a chance to see.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave!

Rumor has it that you attended Godspell last Saturday. I'm with Carol. How was your experience?