Wednesday, March 09, 2011

“J” names

There’s a line in the musical “Quilters” (now in rehearsal down at Swift Creek Mill and, based on what I’ve heard, peopled by a cast of awesome actresses) about the popularity of giving children names that start with ‘J.’ There’s also a great kid’s song -- a Timberline family favorite -- called “Favorite Names” all about ‘J’ names.

Two productions in town generating a lot of buzz are ‘J’ shows: “Judas Iscariot” and “Jitney.” This is the last weekend, you can catch the latter, so don’t hesitate to take the trip southward to Sycamore Rouge to check it out. “Judas” has been featured in a nice piece in Style this week and WCVE broadcast Joan Tupponce’s review of the show recently. I’m hoping my review will show up soon online and then I’ll expand on it.

I’m also collecting my thoughts on “Once on this Island,” which I saw the closing performance of last weekend. What a great production! More detailed thoughts to come…

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