Friday, February 25, 2011


As a pop culture junkie, I’ve been reading Entertainment Weekly as a wonderful guilty pleasure for years now. But it was only this week that I realized that the magazine’s website does a regular “This Week in Stage” column. This week’s column starts out with “Spiderman,” of course, but also goes gives a few quick hits on other happenings. It’s not, but it’s not bad for a quick review. Also, EW has a regular online “channel” for their theater coverage that you can get to here.

Speaking of the wall-crawler of the Great White Way, I enjoyed this review of the production in this week’s New Yorker. The concept of “musical of human sacrifice,” however, seems like just another flavor of things dreamt up in everything from “The Hunger Games” to “The Lottery” to Nascar. Are people going to Spiderman expecting / hoping to see an accident? Of course they are.

I’m eagerly anticipating the kind of theatrical whiplash one finds during the Acts of Faith festival in my theater patronage this weekend. I’ll enjoy the generally respectful, if rocked out, staging of things Christian and revelatory at “Godspell” after taking in the irreverent, imaginative musings on things Christian and punitive in “Last Days of Judas Iscariot.” While I don’t expect my belief system to be altered in any significant way, I do expect it’ll be an affirmation of the value of this festival: big issues make good theater.

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