Monday, January 10, 2011

Grab bag

Everyone I work with can’t stop talking about the weather that may or may be arriving tonight. I don’t know if it’s that social atmosphere or the actual stirred up meteorological atmosphere, but for whatever reason I can’t really think of a theme to organize topics along today. So here’s a bunch of random items in no particular order.

Billy Armstrong has taken over one of the lead roles in his own “American Idiot.” I’ve only read one review but it seems that this particularly punk/pop star can handle the stage pretty darn well.

This past weekend saw the closing of a couple of long-running show but don’t fret, the opening of the first show of the season is imminent. RTP’s “This Beautiful City” will open this week and, despite my aversion to all things related to Ted Haggard, I’m intrigued by this show. One of the cast members, Andrew Hamm, posted something on his blog about the show a couple of months back that is worth looking over before you go see the show.

I expect many/most of the people who read this blog know about Robyn O’Neill’s excellent email alert system with all sorts of key info about local theater sent to you automatically. If you don’t, I think you can go to the “Drop me a line” link at her website and get added to her list. Do it if you don’t want to miss out on anything.

We’re coming into what is traditionally a slow time on Broadway so there are many deals available, specifically through a site called “Season of Savings.” If you are planning a trip northward, it’s worth a look.

Finally, put Feb. 8th on your calendar if you are looking for a different kind of performance. Richmond Shakespeare’s Second Tuesdays series is going to be doing something special that night, involving people reading Shakespeare’s sonnets. These people will not necessarily be actor types. Several of them might in fact be of the more critical persuasion. So, if you’ve ever really wanted to turn the tables on a critic, well, your chance is coming up!

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