Monday, October 04, 2010

Out standing in his field

Theatre IV’s “Ferdinand the Bull” was the big opening of this past weekend and so reviews of the show started popping up yesterday. One place you may not have looked for reviews before is, an online/email publication and marketing device that had a short but sweet review of “the Bull.”

The T-D review showed up in the Sunday edition and it, like the RichmondMom one, is positive. While it was nice to read that review, I also happen to know that Ms. Haubenstock recently bopped up to NYC and was scheduled to see “A Life in the Theatre” while there. I’d be interested to hear what her take on that new show was given that it’s still in previews and the big city reviews haven’t come out yet.

In an aggravated Monday morning aside, I’m annoyed today because my main portal to the larger entertainment world (Entertainment Weekly) surprised me with a nice piece on Patti Lupone and her new autobiography. The story also had a little sidebar about upcoming “big star” casting happening in NYC that was also fairly interesting. None of that is the annoying part though. This is: I can’t for the life of me find the story on the magazine’s website. What’s up with that? It’s bad enough that “stage” news and features don’t even warrant a main page link but to bury a published story so deeply (or not even post it, which I can’t imagine that would do) is fairly infuriating. Guess I won’t be pimping EW anymore…

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Susie said...

Thanks for asking, Dave! It was great to watch Patrick Stewart in "A Life in the Theatre," but the show--still in early previews when we saw it--didn't really come together for me or my three companions. But yesterday's performance of "Circle Mirror Transformation" at Studio Theatre in DC was great--I'm eager to see what Barksdale does with it!