Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Off they go

Well, it’s two days since the RTCC awards and, in some ways, I’m still in recovery. I haven’t processed it all yet because my focus has been diverted. Today, I put my lovely wife and eldest son on a plane to Myrtle Beach where Cooper will start rehearsing for his role in the national arena tour of Radio City Music Hall’s “Christmas Spectacular.” It’s been a day of many different emotions but chief among them is excitement about this new little adventure for our whole family.

I’ll write more about all of that soon as well as some kind of recap about the awards evening from my perspective. Many have chimed in with their perspectives via various forms of social media already but I’m letting my thoughts coalesce a little longer. In short, for those who had a great time (like I did), I’m very glad. For those who didn’t for one reason or another, I’m sorry. I will say this: plans are already afoot to build on the success of this year and make next year’s event something special.

There is a recap in today’s Style so you can check that out if you like. Also, the weekend sped by without me getting to acknowledge the opening of Richmond Shakespeare’s “Arcadia” – reviewed by Susan Haubenstock yesterday – and Sycamore Rouge’s “Concord, Virginia” – also reviewed by Ms. Haubenstock.

And because there is no respite as far as Richmond theater goes, don’t forget that "Dixie Swim Club" opens at CAT this weekend. Never a dull moment!


philcrosby said...

Thanks for all the fine work the RTCC did in making a tremedous event. We in the theater community salute you!

Anonymous said...

The RTCC Awards were lovely. Regardless of anyone's agreement or disagreement over the selection of award winners, it is wonderful to recognize the work of so many talented Richmond artists--and even more wonderful that it supports a such a worthy cause.

Always enjoy reading your blog--hope to hear your take on 'Arcadia,' as opinions on it from RTD, Facebook, etc. seem to represent a somewhat wide variety! Curious to see it myself.