Friday, October 15, 2010

Advice for RTCC attendees!

Here is a reprint of a Facebook note from Tony Foley:

I thought I would try to give attendees of the 3rd Annual Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Awards a heads up on how the cash bar will work at the Empire Theatre so you can plan accordingly. This is a very popular event where we all get to mix and mingle with our fellow Theatre artists and patrons. No one really wants to spend a lot of time waiting in line so I hope these few tips can help everyone maximize their enjoyment of the evening.

The Bar will be open at 6pm for service. Prices are as follows : Sodas, snacks, and waters $1, Beer $4, Wine $5, Cocktails $5 or $7 for premium brands (Makers Mark Bourbon, Kettle One Vodka, Bacardi Rum, Bombay Gin). Basic mixers will be available, tonic, soda, cranberry, ginger ale, etc. However if you come up asking for a Sweet Old Fashioned or a Rusty Nail you will be disappointed, we're trying to keep it simple. I HIGHLY suggest that everyone bring SOME cash (preferably small bills) because that will get you served much quicker. If someone does need to use a credit card, I would suggest giving your card to the bartender and run a tab. The bartenders will be there after the event to close out all tabs. That will save you the time it takes to swipe your card 3 times for $4 each, etc.

The main lobby bar will offer fountain sodas, snacks, small bottled waters, beer, wine, and cocktails. They will be able to accept cash and credit cards. At the main bar there will be a place to order your drinks and a place to pay in hopes of streamlining service. In addition there will be two remote bars set up that can offer beer, wine, bottled waters & snacks. These stations will accept cash or you can start a tab to be closed out afterwards at the main lobby bar. However, there will not be a Credit Card machine at the remote stations for a one time sale. Guests WILL be able to take their drinks & snacks into the theatre with them, but PLEASE be careful not to spill. No one enjoys a Theatre with sticky floors.

I hope these RTCC Awards bar tips make your night more enjoyable. And speaking of tips, hook up your bartenders, they are part of your theatre community as well! Please drink responsibly.

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