Thursday, September 30, 2010

Truth versus Illusion

I’m very happy to see that Mr. Porter over at his blog has offered a bit of commentary and analysis on the current slate of plays that have flooded Richmond (yes, that’s a subconscious rain reference…). His post is the kind of thing that I have hoped to write on this site and maybe sort of used to before I lost the ability to hold a single train of thought sometime in the last year. So, if you used to come here for that kind of thing, the erudite and experienced Mr. Porter may be picking up that mantle and I encourage you to check back with him often to see if he keeps it up.

John also has the first published review of “Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming” that I’ve seen up on his site. It’s a rave, in case you were wondering.

As Mr. Porter alludes to in his commentary, the reviews of “The Beebo Brinker Chronicles” have not been as favorable as RTP might have hoped. However, it’s worth pointing out that the GayRVA reviewer had many good things to say. You’ve got another couple weekends to go out to RTP’s still-new theater and make up your mind for yourself. And to see Matt Hackman's bare backside.

I’d say you have one more weekend to catch “Virginia Woolf” but it looks like the folks at the Firehouse have another sell-out on their hands so if you haven't seen it, you are probably out of luck. Congrats to all concerned, particularly director Rusty Wilson who I know put a lot of heart and soul into the show.

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Anonymous said...

While Mr. Hackman is lovely to look at, he is far more delightful to know. Many local theatre goers have already seen his backside. It's a bit unseemly to use it as a selling point. Would you make the same comment if the backside in question belonged to one of the female cast members? I'm guessing you'd think that would be in poor taste. This is too.

ps - Nudity on stage would make another great topic for one of your musings, like the dropped line post today.