Monday, September 27, 2010

Theater and TV

Have you heard that the cast of “The Sound of Music” movie will be reunited on Oprah? That should be pretty cool. In fact, just seeing Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer together will be kind of amazing. Of course, if you want to hear some music from the show, you just have to go to the Critics awards on the 17th. Have I mentioned that tickets are for sale?

If you are one of the few “Fringe” fanatics out there (which I am), you may have been particularly tickled by an aspect of the season premiere last week. Set in an “alternative universe,” the show’s main character traveled around the entire episode in a taxi that had an ad for a “Broadway smash hit” called “Dogs.” It was a small detail, and maybe a little dated in its reference, but I chuckled just the same.

And of course, “Glee” also premiered last week, with another drop in from a well-known Broadway star, Cheyenne Jackson (looking like he’s going to be a season bad-guy as coach of Vocal Adrenaline). I enjoyed the premiere – particularly the self-parodying interview segments at the beginning. As far as performances go, I liked the contemporary numbers – especially the first version of “Billionaire” where I understood most of what was sung – way more than I liked Lea Michele’s “What I Did for Love.” Don’t get me wrong – I still love little Lea. But if the over-the-top emoting that characterizes that song was supposed to somehow touch my heart, well, it failed pretty completely.

The latest show at Hanover Tavern, “Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming,” is perhaps as far removed from that ironic, pop culture saturated TV show as possible. But I was at opening night on Friday and it was very entertaining, featuring some great performances most notably from the understated Eric Williams and the endearing Billy Christopher Maupin. I’m not sure why there hasn’t been a review in the T-D yet. Mine should be in Style next week. Until then, you’ll just have to accept my capsule comment that it’s a show well-worth making the trip out to Hanover to see.

And I have to apologize to the great folks out at Sycamore Rouge for not even mentioning the 24 Hour Experience that happened this past weekend. It sounded like a great time and I wish I had been able to make it down there for it. Maybe next time?


Lady Anne said...


Thank you for getting the word out about Julie Andrews' appearance on Oprah!

In point of fact. Julie and the actors who played the Von Trapp children appeared on ABC news to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the film, and their interview/impromptu performance can be seen at the link below:

Oprah's show should be another wonderful reunion.... but so too will the performance by Barksdale and Theatre IV's Von Trapp children at the RTCC Awards. Seriously folks, if you didn't see the show, they will astonish you. They certainly did me, every single night.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks!

Watch ESPN Live said...

Hi Dave thanks for sharing i like to watch glee and Cheyenne Jackson is one of my favorite character.

Thespis' Little Helper said...

Thanks, Dave! I'm glad you had such a great time!

It's such an incredible wonderful group of people (not to mention musicians) to work with!

And to be in such an incredible historical building!

Jeffrey Cole said...

The 24 Hour Experience! played to a big crowd last weekend. We're hoping to make it a twice-yearly event, so keep your calendar open in the Spring!

The talent from this project is UH-MAZING. Staggering. Worthy of befuddlement. I'm very proud to herd cats of this caliber.