Friday, September 17, 2010

Too Many “Cooks” Enhance the Broth

As usual, there are about a million theater-related things to talk about. Half of the time I get a second to write a blog post, I’m too overwhelmed to settle on one thing so I write nothing. The other half of the time, well, there really isn’t any other half. So let me just spew everything that’s on my mind (at least the theater-related stuff):

Among the openings this week are “The Foreigner” at Swift Creek Mill. Richard Koch is a treat in anything and everything and I expect he’ll be fantastic in this as well. Fresh face Jay Welch is also starring here. Mr. Welch was one of the many exceptional parts of “Take Me Out” last season and so also should enliven this production.

Speaking of RTCC nominee Koch and oft-nominated “Take Me Out,” have you reserved your seats for the awards yet? Don’t dawdle. Sure, the balcony seats at the Empire are great but they are further from the bar. Just saying…

And speaking of “Cook” – don’t let all of the other openings stop you from squeezing a visit in to see Larry (and Laine and Jonathan and Amy) amaze you in Firehouse’s “Virginia Woolf.” Were you one of those people annoyed because you couldn’t find a ticket to “Rent?” Don’t let it happen again!

I’ll be checking out “Shipwrecked!” tonight and have been enjoying the pictures from the show popping up on Facebook lately. Where’s that T-D review of “Beebo Brinker” at RTP though? Is there one in today’s paper? I haven’t seen one online.

What I have seen online is some positive notes on Jordin Sparks who recently started her run in “In the Heights.” They ask the question in this article about whether I’ll be running out to see the show because of Ms. Sparks. Personally, it wouldn’t take Ms. Sparks’ appearance to inspire me to see it again. I loved this show and if I’m lucky enough to have an excuse to get up to NYC again this year, I’ll see it again, with or without Sparks.

While perusing EW online, I found this review of “Chess” at the Signature. I don’t know that I’d like this show – saw a community theater production once and agree with the EW reviewer about the clunkiness of the whole conceit – but I’m fascinated that a regional theater like the Signature now warrants coverage in a national magazine. What would one of our Richmond theaters have to do to garner that same attention? Send a show to Broadway? Play host to a Broadway-bound workshop? Win a Regional Theatre Tony Award? Not sure what exactly it would take but would love to see it happen.


Anonymous said...

Seeing anything at Signature is worth one's time. Eric Schaffer is innovative and creative; even if a particular show isn't your favorite you'll see many interesting choices on stage. The new theatre itself is worth the trip! Their Tony was well deserved and yes, Schaffer directs on Bway and London, so he secures great talent on stage and off - not to mention his $ support from Stephen Sondheim. Signature claims to have over 5,000 subscribers. I believe TheatreVirginia had 7,000 in its glory days. So...blood, sweat, tears, patron and corporate loyalty, county money and capital campaigns. It can happen!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I just left the comment about Signature's subscribers and support, etc. I meant to also say that I saw Chess there this summer. It's not a perfect script but Schaffer reworked it. The three leads were sensational, each had multiple solos that left us tingling, in tears or on the edge of our seats with excitement. Maybe the intimate space helps. I know the live orchestra helps - I can't stand paying for a ticket only to receive an "orchestra" on tape.