Thursday, July 01, 2010

New Additions / New Voices

I finally have added blogs from Mr. Cole and Theatre in Battery Park to the navigation thingie there to the left. I've also put in Cadence Theatre Company's website link. Sorry for the delay. By the way, have you seen the casts for TBP and Cadence's upcoming shows? Very nice! It's great to see some of my favorite VCU folks (Kimberly Exum who was such a great Roxie in their "Chicago" and the lovely Lauren Hafner from "Tommy") in action. And "The Fantasticks" has some very fine folks as well.

There are a couple of closings this weekend but no pro opening that I know of. It's a chance to sneak out and enjoy SPARC's "Festival of New Works" performances (Friday and Saturday), if you are so inclined. It's a chance to see what the future of theater might include. Also, you're sure to see something you've never seen before.

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thanks for the shoutout!!!