Saturday, July 17, 2010


Melissa Rugieri at the Times-Dispatch wrote a nice piece about Jason and his Big Broadway Break win for today's paper. I'm glad to see the coverage and also to learn that Jason will be blogging about his NYC experience. I'll be reading with rapt attention!

The T-D also did a short preview on Sycamore Rouge's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at Battersea. I heard there was intermittant rain through opening night's performance. Was that just a Facebook rumor? Did it still go on? I'm curious. I'm also making my plans to come see the show next weekend. It sounds like a beautiful location.


elise said...

It rained from about 6:50-7:05, then drizzled for a while and the sun came back out by 7:30. It was a gorgeous night and a great opening! Hope to see you during the run!

Caroline Sumner said...

It was fairly rainy. It POURED until opening, and then it sprinkled a bit and turned gorgeous and lush, perfect for the show!