Friday, July 30, 2010

Did you hear it?

Casa Timberline was power-free most of the night last night so I was not able to tune into Jason Marks' debut in NYC. But there were Timberlines in attendance who said he was awesome. Way to go, Jason! I'm looking forward to getting more details today.

The storm/power outage also scuttled my plans to head to Sycamore Rouge's "Midsummer" last night so I'll have to try again this weekend. Only 2 more performances!

Update! As people have commented, "Midsummer" actually runs through next weekend too. Since I can't see it next weekend, only two more chances for me to see it (yes, again, the critic thinking the world revolves around him...) Sorry for the confusion.


Anonymous said...

Actually there are 5 more chances to see "Midsummer", it runs through August 7th, but I would still encourage everyone to come this weekend in case you have so much fun that you want to come back next weekend!

elise said...

Midsummer is tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday, Friday, Saturday (Aug. 5, 6, 7) of next weekend, too! Hope to see you!