Monday, June 28, 2010

Quaffle or Perfection

Though my review is written and out there in the effluvium somewhere awaiting publication, I continue to mull over “Rent.” It took a while for the enthusiastic rave by the T-D’s Ms. Haubenstock to show up online but I finally found it last night. In the meantime, I had been mulling over suggesting to the editors of Style that they hire Ms. Honaker as my replacement, due to her entertaining take on the show.

I must congratulate the casts of “A Servant of Two Masters” and “Twelfth Night” who suffered through some powerfully oppressive heat to put their shows on this past weekend. The old deodorant commercial said, “Never let them see you sweat,” but no amount of Dry Idea could stop the torrents of perspiration I’m sure sprang from these devoted actors. I hope everyone stayed good and hydrated.

Just as “Servant” came and went in a flash last week, so did the revue “A Slice of Minelli” at Richmond Triangle Players. Here’s Ms. Lewis’s review in the T-D for those who want to read about what they missed. And just when you thought it’d be going on forever, “The Sound of Music” comes down this weekend. If you’ve been putting off checking it out, time is running out.

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philcrosby said...

Dave -- Thanks for the link to "Slice O Minnelli." I contacted the TD about the online version after I read the print version Saturday morning, but they didn't get it posted online until almost after the last performance started.

Thanks for all your good words and support for all of the theater here in Richmond ... it is much appreciated!