Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More Reviews and More Out

Mary B’s review of “Crowns” hit newsstands with the latest Style and John P's take on CAT's "Kitchen Witches" is now available on his website. Also, old friend Tim Timberlake posted some very nice (if embarrassingly Cooper-centric) comments about “Sound of Music” on his blog recently. Thanks, Tim!

I haven’t been able to let go of “Take Me Out” even though it’s been two weeks since I saw it. It's one of those rare productions that I would have gladly seen a second time. A couple of thoughts regarding the cast: I ran into Eddie Tavares and he told me that he learned the Japanese he spoke in the show phonetically with the help of a Japanese friend of his. He had to say A LOT of Japanese so this must have been a monumental task. You really have to admire that kind of dedication.

Also, I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy Glidden last weekend before he bolted back to NYC. I usually don’t go out of my way to introduce myself to actors because a) I’m shy and, b) depending on who they are or who they’re best pals with, the possibility for awkwardness is great. But I really wanted to meet Mr. Glidden because his performance in “Take Me Out” was so all-encompassing and natural – even for a somewhat extreme character – that it made me wonder whether any traces of the shy furtiveness he displays on stage would be evident in a casual interaction. I was delighted to find that he is a bright, intelligent and personable fella with an engaging personality that doesn’t seem to contain even a shade of the naïve xenophobe that he played in the show. This, of course, makes me that much more impressed with his work in the show – and I was pretty damn impressed already. I hope NYC treats him well.

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