Thursday, June 17, 2010

Do Your Part

There are two unique opportunities over the next few days for anyone / everyone to play an active role in the local theater world whether you are a performer, technician, designer, or audience member.

First, beloved local composer/performer Jason Marks has entered the “Big Broadway Break” contest. This contest represents is an incredible opportunity for an artist to spend some time in New York and really focus on breaking into the biz there. Finalists are selected by popular vote and voting starts midnight on Saturday. As soon as I have a link to where you can vote, please go there and help get Mr. Marks get his break!

Second, is in the midst of its Adventure Quest, a wide-ranging contest where you can win 2 tickets to “The Sound of Music” and also be in the running for a $500 Apple gift card. The catch is that you have to sing a song from the show on the Empire stage. The judging will happen starting at noon next Monday. So, if you want a good excuse to get out of the heat, check out the details and plan to come on down. You might want to check out the other “quests” listed for the next couple of days – some of them look pretty fun.

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