Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Nobody Blogs Anymore

As far as I can tell, Facebook has pretty much consumed and digested the relatively brief blogging semi-craze that had been going on over the past few years. FB along with Twitter are already chewing away at good-ole e-mail, which is starting to seem a lot like snail mail 5-10 years ago, that is, it’s an institution, people depend on it, and it won’t go away soon, but it’s losing audience / utility in large swaths.

Which is all to say that crusing the blogs I have listed over to the left is becoming a less-and-less rewarding exercise; it seems only Audra is blogging anymore, with Bruce chiming in once in a while as well. Oh well. It makes me consider changing up the little exercise in theater-related conversation that is this blog; it may be morphing in the months ahead. No definite ideas yet but they’re percolating.

In the meantime, you might be interested in Style’s theater reviews that came out today, one on “Scrooge in Rouge” and one on “Bus Stop.”

Many folks probably know what’s been happening with “S in R.” The hysterically funny Steve Boschen had a none-too-amusing accident a couple of weeks ago and, according to what I heard, broke one shoulder and dislocated the other. Steve’s a trooper but even he couldn’t recover from that kind of fall to keep doing the show. I believe Shon Stacy stepped in temporarily while a more permanent replacement could be found. If I hear any updates on this, I’ll post info (or, if anyone reads blogs anymore, feel free to post what you know in the comments).

UPDATE: Duh, if I would only read my email, I would be informed. Mr. Stacy has officially replaced Mr. Boschen, so my email tells me. FYI!


Anonymous said...

I wonder what would happen if someone created a RVA Theatre Community Internet Forum site.

On the one hand, Dave, you are right about blog traffic, but on the other, Facebook discourse tends toward the short, quick, and shallow.

My fear about a community forum would be that it would just contain publicity links, and opinions about shows or people.

It would be great if people would post and link to articles about theater and craft in general, and have salon type discussions.

I don't know how to set one up, much less keep one running smoothly. It sure would be lots of work.

I'm just ruminating. I appreciate your blog, Dave, and check it often. I also know this isn't the first tiime you've expressed an urge to change or walk away. Please do whatever is best for you. Nobody wants a crispy fried critic.

Sue said...

Please don't give up the blog, Dave. I don't do anywhere near as much theatre as I used to, and your blog helps me keep up with what's going on.
Plus the heated debates that occur every so often are a big plus!
Don't burn out - but don't give up, please!