Monday, December 07, 2009

Is everything open yet?

You might think that almost every holiday-type production is open, what with AART's "Black Nativity," Theatre IV's "A Christmas Carol" and Sycamore Rouge's "Santaland Diaries" all debuting this past weekend (links are to the T-D reviews). But of course that would be neglecting "A Christmas Carol for 2 Actors" opening tonight to a full-house. And the fun will continue with things like the readings of "Lion in Winter" and "Mrs. Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge" coming this Tuesday and a coupla weeks from now. Whew!

I know I haven't exactly been chatty in this space. Tis the be busy doing other things. I hope this to change in the next couple of days but can't promise anything. I did see both TIV's "ACC" and AART's "BN" this past weekend and have plenty of thoughts. Will try to get them on virtual paper soon.

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