Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beat it to Pulp

Triangle Players opens “Pulp” tonight. I won’t be there for the opening but will catch it this weekend. Ever since “Secretaries” knocked my proverbial socks off so many years ago, I’ve always looked forward to the RTP “all-girl” shows. I’m hoping this one lives up to previous years’ offerings.

School took a huge chunk out of my free time this week but hopefully, after today, I’ll be back in the saddle posting-wise. There’s still so much to say about “R&G are Dead” and I’ve been thinking about inviting a guest reviewer on the blog to sate the appetite of certain fans. More details to come…


Anonymous said...

Since you talked about the promo for "Mindgame" at CAT - check out the website/poster for "Pulp" -

Holy cow!

Andrew Hamm said...

Holy cow indeed. That blonde in the back is certainly a stunner. (She also happens to be my girlfriend Holly.)

The RTD's review of Pulp was published today, by the way.

Dave, I'll be there tonight. Maybe I'll see you there. It's nice to run into you at a show that neither I'm in nor are you reviewing.

Anonymous said...

She's the blonde?