Saturday, March 14, 2009

American Badass

Friday turned out to be a great day for gifts. First Jason at SPARC sent me some great pictures from SPARC’s production of “Really Rosie” last fall. Thanks, Jason – you’re da bomb!

Then I came home to the 2009 compilation of “Plays and Playwrights” (published by New York Theatre Experience) in the mail. The talented Richmond expatriate Chris Harcum sent me a copy because of the inclusion of his series of monologues, “American Badass” in the latest edition (Read an interview with Chris online). I’ve just cracked the book for the first time this morning but I can tell already that this entry in the Harcum canon is just as insightful and funny as Chris’s first work that I was lucky enough to catch some 10 years ago, “Some Kind of Pink Breakfast.”

I’m really happy for Chris; he deserves the recognition and, hopefully, being included in this compilation will open new doors for him. That he recognizes my positive reviews back in the old days as even the slightest positive influence on him is exceptionally generous. Some time this year, I’ve got to coordinate a trip to NYC with whatever next bit of inspiration Chris puts out.

The final gift (good things come in threes, right?) was the production of “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” at Henley Street that I took in at Pine Camp. My familiarity with the play was solely through the movie version and I was quite entertained by the production. More details will be available sometime later this week…my gift (hopefully) back to you all…

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