Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sir Links-a-Lot

I had been planning to write some supplemental stuff to complement my reviews in today's Style. But work -- work! -- of all things got in the way. So until I can get a sec to wax more elequently on the grandness of "Guys" or the kookiness of "Compleat," here's a couple of other links that you might find interesting.

First, Katie Holmes opens on Broadway in a couple of months. We knew that was happening but check out the little round up of ticket prices at the bottom of this article. Yikes! And here I was thinking $9 movie tickets were getting outrageous.

Also, I was saddened to read about Cyd Charisse's death. She wasn't really a Broadway star -- not appearing on the Great White Way until she was 70 -- but I think that her work in many movie musicals inspired many other dancers who did end up on Broadway.


Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for posting this and keeping us in-the-know. Very sad about Cyd Charisse's passing indeed.

Another thing that might be of interest to some here is that Stan Winston also passed this week. Aside from being a Virginia native and born in Richmond, Stan Winston was the supremely successful special make-up effects pioneer whose talents lent themselves to such films as: The TERMINATOR films, ALIENS, JURASSIC PARK, PREDATOR, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, THE MONSTER SQUAD and many others.

He was a fine and highly influential artist in his field. Along with Dick Smith, Rick Baker, Rob Bottin, and others in this vein, Winston was a major contributor to the make-up effects revolution in the last 30 years. He will surely be missed, but his work will never be forgotten.

Cynde said...

Just a quick note- you can't seem to get to the reviews online at all. Something about a "500" error....

Dave T said...

The word I've received is that there was an attempt to hack the Style web site and they are having to reset some things. The new issue should be back up in a couple of hours. Please stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

There are also several mis-spellings in your Style review of "Guys & Dolls", Dave.

Patti D'Beck is spelled in the review as "Patty." Also, the actress who played Adelaide is Rachel Abrams, not Rachel ADAMS, as the review states.

Not sure if this was a boo-boo on Style's end, or just error of proofreading. Don't shoot the messgenger, as the old saying goes!

Dave T said...

Yikes -- totally my bad! Sorry Patti and Rachel and to the Barksdale.