Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Carolina Dreamin'

I'm outa town in the lovely industrial mecca of Greenville, SC., and so my posts this week may be a little sporadic. There's a theater down here called the Warehouse Theatre that's doing "Taming of the Shrew" that I may try to sneak out to this week. Should make for some interesting perspective.

I wanted to pass on that it's been pointed out to me that the lead actors in "Guys and Dolls" who currently reside elsewhere all have local ties to the Richmond area, including Ms. Markova who graduated from Godwin High School and Mr. Ashworth who grew up in Hopewell.

And as I was passing through Petersburg on my way south earlier today, I thought about the one-night only workshop performance of "Like Mother" that will happen at Sycamore Rouge this Friday. It's a one-woman show by "New York based performer" Shannon Polly. Before I get uppity and label her "another New York interloper" or some such thing, does somebody want to tell me what her local ties are?


Shannon P said...

In response to your post, Dave, my husband is from North Carolina and my director is from West Virginia (Tommy Schoffler, who is directing the upcoming Streetcar at the Rouge - hence the local connection). But I would say all Americans are Virginians at heart!

Dave T said...

Nicely said, Ms. Polly. Particularly with all of those Presidents (and possibly future Vice Presidents) that call(ed) Virginia home. Break a leg tonight; I hope you get a good crowd. I wish I could be there for the show and the feedback.