Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Not Maudlin about Modlin

My reviews for “A Dash of Rosemary” and “The Two Svengalis” are in this week’s Style. The reviews are formatted in a new kind of almost-New Yorker style combination of a couple of reviews that our fearless leader, Brandon, at Style has devised as a way to include coverage of more shows. As a writer, I like the format a lot. What do you think as a reader? I'll have supplemental thoughts about both shows in this space soon.

I was surprised to see that the entire T-D letter to the editor / CAT discussion has been expunged from Barksdale’s blog. It makes sense that it may not be the kind of back-n-forth you want hanging out in cyberspace for ever but still, I didn’t expect it to just disappear. But here at RichmondVATheater, the conversation rambles on! …to the point that I don’t always understand what we’re talking about anymore. I do always appreciate the coherent and respectful arguments of folks like Scott and Andrew, though. If everyone could be as magnanimous while disagreeing, the world would be a better place.

Anyway, moving on: the season for the Modlin Center at U of R was announced over the weekend and there are many events / performances that I think are going to be particularly cool. Number one on my list: February 2nd: “An Evening with Stephen Sondheim.” Oh, it’ll be cool that Sondheim will be there and all. But my favorite part: “Conversation Hosted by Frank Rich!” He’s like a critic superstar! Though I didn’t particularly like his memoir “Ghost Light,” I still ran out and bought it when it showed up on the shelves. I still occasionally comb through his collected theater reviews (“Hot Seat”) and he totally sealed the deal as a critic’s hero by transitioning from theater critic to editorial writer. You all can swarm Stevie for his autograph; I’ll be in line for Frank!

I’m intrigued by the piece called “Music and Torture” and I’m hopeful that perhaps this year, I’ll actually get out to see local superstars like eighth blackbird and Shanghai Quartet. Hope for many things – including peace and tolerance! – springs eternal!


Andrew Hamm said...

"Maudlin... Modlin..." Terrible.


Joy W. said...

Hey Dave,

I'll be honest. I'm not a fan of the double review in one spot. Seems to me every theatre works hard on their productions. And I think each is deserving of its own review...good or bad....where they don't have to go sifting through another's review to get to their's. It also sets up a comparison type style that I don't think is good thing.
Just my two cents worth.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Modlin season. I am actually really excited. They are having TONS of high dollar talent. I work in a presenting house and know how much some of these acts are to book and I am amazed at how well Kathy Panoff has stretched her budget this year. The likes of Cirque Eloize (minor leagues for Cirque du Soliel), the evening with Sondhiem, LA Theatre Works, Rockapella, Battleworks, Momix... I could keep going but you get the idea. I may actually be a subscriber this year. I used to find myself an event or 2 short of a subscription, this year I may have to limit myself and try not to go to everything!