Monday, February 18, 2008

Virginia Living

In case you haven’t seen it, the latest issue of Virginia Living has a cover story about Northern Virginia’s "innovative theater scene." It’s interesting that this piece comes along in the midst of the many discussions lately about the relative health of Richmond theater. I haven’t read the whole thing – just skimmed it in the bookstore – but after a more thorough read, I plan on commenting more here. Any thoughts from anyone else who might have read it already?

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Anonymous said...

For those for travel to Northern VA, the article is indeed very interesting and helpful regarding local theatre to check out. My beloved Signature Theatre is highlighted. Overall, you'll read that Arlington County puts much more financial support into the arts than we receive here in Richmond. Reading the article may make some a little jealous of all they have going on in NoVA but again, comparing population and financial backing is far from apples-to-apples. Let's just take advantage of their ideas and the short drive to see different productions!