Monday, February 11, 2008

Critics and Coffee

If you want the chance to grill most all of Richmond's theater critics at one time, come to the Barksdale's "Coffee and Conversations" soiree tomorrow morning at 9:30. Mary B, Joan Tupponce, Susan Haubenstock, and I will all be on the panel. I volunteered to be the one critic secured in an undisclosed bunker to guarantee the sustainability of Richmond theater criticism should some terrorist attack or other tragedy take place, but was told that this would not be necessary.

I'm looking forward to a) seeing if anyone actually shows up (besides my mom), b) seeing if anyone has questions for anyone else but Susan, and c) hearing what people are most curious about. Come armed with questions so Jill Bari doesn't have to do all the work!


Andrew Hamm said...

Perhaps you should mention the location! That would make it far more likely that I would be there.

Dave T said...

Sorry about that, Andrew. The C & C series is held at Barksdale's Willow Lawn location. Hope to see you there!