Tuesday, February 12, 2008

coffee and conversation

Just got back from Barksdale's Coffee and Conversation in which local theatre critics were invited to answer questions from today's "hostess" the fabulous Jill Bari and the audience. Lots of great questions and conversations! There was a big turn out and it felt good to see so many theatre fans and professionals in one spot talking about theatre.

Thank you Chase Kniffen for putting this together and to Bruce Miller and Phil Whiteway for continuing to provide ways for people to connect with the theatre arts. It was an honor to be there with my peers Susan Haubenstock and Dave Timberline. It feels good to get away from my computer and be a part of the scene in a different way. We (meaning the Richmond Community at large) are lucky to have such a smart, supportive theatre company as Barksdale/TheatreIV. Although I do not love every show they do, they do our community a good service by promoting Richmond Theatre and always striving to do better.


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