Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Young and Old

According to the news, Angela Lansbury is heading back to Broadway in a show called “Deuce.” Perhaps the folks at Bifocals should put their name in the queue now for a shot at those rights.

And, the folks at Disney’s High School Musical will be doing a concert tour in a few weeks. I love this show, in part, because my kids love it (even the 6 year old can sing “Get Your Head in the Game”) but also because, in an almost subconscious way, it shines a national spotlight on the importance of theater programs in high school. Sure, it’s all Disney-fied and everything, but will it make more talented kids think about trying out for their OWN high school musicals? Undoubtedly.

Speaking of Disney, if I remember right, Aida opens tonight at the Landmark. Someone tell me if it’s good. The bad buzz it generated on Broadway will keep me far away across town from this show.

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