Thursday, October 12, 2006

Keeping it positive

I could get all ticked off that the Times-Dispatch chose not to list the Commonwealth Coalition benefit in the Weekend section. I'd like to think it has nothing to do with politics and it's some administrative oversight kind of thing. Really, I would.

But I'm ignoring that because there's plenty of stuff to be positive about. For one thing, shows are being extended left and right: "I Am My Own Wife" got pushed out another weekend and "Sordid Lives" added performances. And just when I think I've got at least a vague handle on all of the theaters in town, I see that a group called the Reflections Repertory Company is doing "A Bench in the Sun" starting tonight (the T-D posted an announcement about them...hmmmm....). According to their website, they're doing "Agnes of God" next, which is one of those plays that, with the right people in it, can be just transcendent. And if you are interested in going to a theater that tends to program shows in a more faith-based way, I'd recommend the Jewish Family Theatre at the JCC. They did a great "Anne Frank" a while back and will be starting up with "Crossing Delancey" in a few weeks.

Furthermore, the very nice responses from Mr. Hamm to my "People Hate Critics" rant lifted me out of the doldrums this afternoon. It seems that perhaps we CAN all get along! I really appreciate your further explanation of the moment I described in 'Julius Caesar,' Andrew, and your reassurance that I am not hated. (And nice job with Cassius, BTW, very excellent work!) I'm hoping that it comes across that I think pretty long and hard about saying negative things in a review. Sometimes it seems like there's no avoiding it but, as the song goes, I try to accentuate the positive. And, as I think I've said before, most of the time the on-stage mistakes bring out the real talents of theater pros. I am that much more impressed with them when they are able to work through the flubs and come out the other side with no one the wiser.

And Jacquie, I'm just not telling you when I'm going to see your shows anymore since I seem to be a jinx...

And last but not least, it's fall, it's going to get good and cold this weekend, I'm going to take a break from theater for a couple of days and maybe see a movie this weekend (since there's about three out now that I'm hankering for...), and I'm going to have the chance to share in the joy of people (very talented people) coming together on Sunday to support a good cause. For now, at least, I can't really complain.

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